Do you want to know more about the Big Dance? Here are some frequently asked questions that were about Big Dance Australia 2018. 


Is the choreography very difficult to learn?
The choreography has been designed so that people of all ages and abilities can learn it relatively easily. It is only five minutes long and you should be able to learn it in just a few sessions.

I see in the tutorials there is mirroring, what is that?

The NAISDA developing artists have mirrored parts of the choreography for you to learn. This is so when you watch online you can simply copy exactly what you see them do. When you watch the performance of the Big Dance, it is shown from the perspective of an audience member. This is not mirrored. 

How much does it cost to participate?

Big Dance is totally free!

Ausdance workshops held in the lead up to the event are provided free of charge and the event its self is also free to participants and audiences alike.

I am teaching the Big Dance to my students, should I just pick one colour?

Depending on the size of your group, you may pick just one colour or divide the group into three and teach all colours. It will be easiest if each student only learns one colour. Please let us know which colours your students know when you register for the Big Dance.

I’m not very good with technology, can I register for a workshop or event over the phone?

Yes you can, please call Ausdance New South Wales on (02) 9256 4800 or Ausdance Victora on (03) 9689 2055. We will be able to register you for events and post you out a copy of the video and the music.

What is your access for your events and workshops?

Big Dance workshops are being held in a range of spaces all across Australia. Accessibility varies from venue to venue.  Venues who have informed us that they are wheelchair accessible are listed on our events page. 

The Big Dance events in Victoria and NSW are wheelchair accessible and will have an Auslan interpreters.

Please let us know of any specific access needs when registering for an event or workshop. We want everyone to dance the Big Dance! 


What can I bring into the event?

Wear either Red, Black, or White top (depending on which group's choreography you are doing). Wear comfortable shoes as you will be dancing outdoors.

Remember to bring your water bottle and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Water fountains will be provided at all events so you can refill your bottle.

As Big Dance is outside, please come prepared for all weather. If it’s hot, please bring a hat and sunscreen.

You may want to bring a picnic rug and food if you are joining us at the events in Lilydale and Castlemaine. At some events, there will be food and drink stalls onsite. Alcohol will not be permitted at Big Dance events.

Last but not the least, bring lots of energy and enthusiasm!

What is the running order of the event?

Event details will be posted closer to the event.  

The Big Dance will occur at 2.30pm at all Victorian and New South Wales events with a big group warm-up and rehearsal prior to this time.

I am bringing a group of students to a Big Dance event? Will they be split up on the day?

The event sites will be divided into black, red and white groups and each student will need to dance with their colour. If your students have learnt white they will dance with the white group. We suggest you allocate a teacher, parent or senior student to lead each coloured group.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We aim to be environmentally sustainable for our events. You do not need to print your confirmation email. Just let us know your name upon arrival at the Registration Desk. We will send you more information closer to the date.

How do the events in different cities relate with one another?

Some events will be held at exactly the same time so participants can dance in sync around the world! Live streaming from the Sydney and Melbourne events will streamed to screens at each event, so participants will be able to see the performance as it happens. More live streaming to be confirmed!

Other events may take place at other times throughout 2018. These events will still be part of Big Dance and ensure that this is a year-round celebration of dance! The same choreography will be performed and each filmed event will be included in a Big Dance video created at the end of the year.

Can people volunteer to help?

Yes, they certainly can. Details on how to register as a volunteer will be added in March 2018.

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